A vision

of committment and responsibility

an integrated model of

Sustainable development

Sustainability is understood by the Teixeira Duarte Group as resulting from a responsible approach to operating in the world. The group’s mission – Get it done, contributing to building a better world – and its fundamental values – originality, truth, committment – are reflected in a deeply-rooted cultue of best practices carried out over several generations, a culture that is also reflected in the way our staff interacts with the community.

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Construction of the neighborhood based on sustainability

A strategic pillar

Today sustainability is a fundamental stragetic pillar in the construction of the Vila Rio neighborhood. It is deeply embedded in the project’s urban and landscape development, in creating the concept and identity of the neighborhood and in revitalizing and expanding the planned integration with the riverfront; it defines what drives the teams involved and constitutes the objective shared by every participant.

A clear committment to create economic value for the city, with the mission of contributing to its social and environmental development.


The advancement of health, safety and education. Behaviors and actions that promote well-being and communicty development.


Mangement of spaces, activities and creativity, carried out in highly efficient and innovative ways.

Environmental management

Sustainable development of spaces and activities, ensuring greater health, safety and inclusion.


Encouraging and ensuring a culture of enduring integrity and ethics.

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Positive contribution to sustainable development

High-impact projects

It is our aim to create and support projects that have an important impact within the markets where we operate, projects that contribute to the 2030 Agenda and that encourage the sustainable development of the cities where we operate. Betting on strong, sustainable relationships with the local community, human capital, associations and institutions, is the central philosophy behind sustainable cities.

This is how Teixeira Duarte’s real estate projects are carried out, reinforced by a profound knowledge of the locations where the projects are implemented and of the people who give them meaning.

We design and carry out an agenda of activities and initiatives that meet the needs of the community, that aim to contribute to social and economic growth and that seek to challenge local partners to actively participate in the creation of the new Vila Rio neighborhood, bringing positive change to the city.

Featured projects
Community Support

A project that strives to create close relationships with the people who are the soul of Póvoa and promote their social and economic growth so that they feel they are playing an active role in creating the new Vila Rio neighborhood.

Promotion of Accessible Culture

A new cultural space open to the community. A space for exhibits, lectures, events and meetings. A space that aims to promote local culture and the revitalization of the riverfront.


Improving Living Conditions

Acquisition and land concession for developing the current Bairro dos Pescadores, promoting the construction of decent housing, improved infrastructures and sanitation for the current residents.

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