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Teixeira Duarte
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Mariana Pedroso
the architect
Conceição da Costa
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José Manuel Costa
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more than 40 years creating unique real estate projects

Since the undertaking of its first real estate project in the 1970´s, Teixeira Duarte has perfected an impressive set of skills over the years along the entire chain of real estate development


With more than 6 million m2 of construction, 3 million m2 under development and more than 7,000 residences delivered across the world, Teixeira Duarte is today considered a landmark in the real estate market.

the architect

mariana pedroso

A specialist in the field of rehabilitation, restauration and recuperation of architectural heritage, Architect Mariana Morgado Pedroso has collaborated with some of the most prestigious architectcural firms in Portugal, affirming her talent and experience in the field and her expertise in the execution of large prize-winning projects.

Utilizing her professional experience and the invaluable knowledge she has acquired, a market vision and talented entrepreneurship come together ito form a winning combination.

As an expert in her field, she founded the company Your Home in Portugal in 2012, where she is currently the executive director.

the architect

Conceição da costa

A member of the Portuguese Association of Architects, she earned a degree in Architecture from the Lisbon Faculty of Architecture (F.A.L) in 1991.

As part of her professional activities over the years, she has worked with many renowned architects, namely AR. Henrique Tavares Chicó, AR. Carlos Lemonde Macedo & Bernardo Daupiás Alves, AR. Jorge Lopes, AR. Regino Cruz and with AR. Carlos Guedes de Amorim. In 2011 she established the CONCEIÇÃO REIS DA COSTA PROJECT, Lda.

Her extensive experience in architecture, urbanism and project team co-ordination includes professional activites carried out in Portugal, Angola and Guiné Bissau.

the landscape architect

josé manuel costa

With wide-ranging experience in the real estate market, throughout her career she has collaborated with some of the most important national groups. She has designed numerous projects distinguished by the simplicity, modernity and timelessness that characterize the work of Architect José Manuel Costa.

He has collaborated on and designed successful projects with the Teixeira Duarte group for over 20 years, during which time she was responsible for developing landmark projects, including the impressive Lagoas Park, one of the largest business complexes in the country.

With a team of 170 associates and offices on three continents (Europe, Africa and Latin America), Quadrante is a company that offers a solution-based approach accompanied by high standards of committment, dependability, flexibility and rigorous risk management systems.


Collaborates with the Teixeira Duarte group for over 20 years, during which time she has worked on numerous high-profile real estate projects. With value-added initiatives focused on providing key services for international projects, flexibilty and adaptability are crucial factors.

quadrante engineering
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